Analysis # 1 – Vintage Speedmaster

April 14, 2019 Update – Link to guy’s album

For our first watch analysis, we’ll take a long at this reddit ad where this vintage speedmaster was posted by a guy. This is a funny story as the guy originally asked in the omega forums as well, but sort of misunderstood the people from the omega forums and got flamed for tricking the community. The watch is being sold as a -69, but in reality, it’s just a late -022. Of course, we’re here to quicky analyse why the speedmaster is incorrectly posted. Of course as these photos are taken from the ad, the photos are not mine, but taken from the link above.

For anybody that is wondering, I am /user/xaykogeki. That’s an alias I’ve been using since I was a young kid, but sort of reborn. That said, I already did the analysis.

Yeah – I think it’s just a normal 80s 145.022 with an old dial.

* Caseback is incorrect – that caseback started with -71
* Serial number shows it’s the 80s
* Pre/Post moon -69 doesn’t have the ‘ above the E.
* caseback marking should be stated ‘145022-69ST’
* Assuming the bracelet belongs to the watch, bracelet showed a very distinct ‘633’. Old ‘633s’ are lighter in markings.

Source: Moonwatch Only

In all fairness, it’s a very obvious mistake, but still a user error nonetheless. The ad was taken down instantly as it was pointed out very quicky by the peoeple.

Analysis was done through the reading of the book “Moonwatch Only”. I highly recommend owning the book “Moonwatch Only” if you get into vintage speedmasters. It’s a very comprehensive book that’s worth an investment.