Breguet Price Increase March 2024

Last Updated: March 4, 2024Tags: ,

In 2024, the luxury watch market is expected to witness a notable price increase across various brands, with Breguet of the Swatch Group starting early. These price adjustments within the luxury watch market are reflective of broader trends in production costs, brand positioning, and market demand. While specific increases vary by model and brand, the overall trend indicates a consistent upward trajectory in prices for high-end timepieces in 2024.

Model Old Price New Price
Breguet Classique 5157BR/11/9V6 AUD$31,100 AUD$35,400
Breguet Tradition 7057BR/R9/9W6 AUD$45,600 AUD$51,900
Breguet Classique 7147BR/29/9WU AUD$34,800 AUD$39,600
Breguet Marine Chronograph 5527TI/G2/5WV AUD$35,600 AUD$38,500
Breguet Classique 7337BB/Y5/9VU AUD$71,200 AUD$81,000
Breguet Reine De Naples 8918BB/5P/964D00D AUD$59,800 AUD$67,800