For the anime fans, this here will probably interests you. A Japan only model of Seiko with a collaboration from the mobile game Fate /Grand Order. There are currently three known models (Saber, Mash and Archer) with saber being released first then the rest.

Here is the model for Saber or also known as Altria Pendragon. It’s a quartz watch, blue dial and with chronograph function. I paid extra for a watch stand which is cheap really. ahhaha. The chrono hand is shaped like a sword which is a nice touch. The side of the case as the words ‘Altria Pendragon’ and an emblem in the first link on the lugs.

To be honest, for the money you pay here, it’s not really worth it. I preordered this months ago and just really forgot about it. You buy this because it’s a fun watch and like the series.

More info about this via this link.