First Omega in Space on a bracelet

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

One of the few questions you see in the Omega Forums is if there is a possibility of a First Omega in Space on a bracelet. The answer is yes, but it’s not that simple.

The First Omega in Space or FOIS is one of lesser known variations of the speedmaster. However, with the recent trend of smaller watches going back, people have been looking for a smaller sized and manual wind speedmaster. The FOIS is known as ref. 311. and is similar to the LE CK2998 ref. 311. in case size, but without the limited edition status and price tag. It follows the style of being a “numbered” edition where every watch has a corresponding number similar to the serial number.

FOIS Bracelet Gap 2

Not for the small wrist.

Bracelet and End Links

This is a shorter version of this post from the Omega Forums with added pictures and tackling more about a type of bracelet. I found that I have a different experience with the OP of the post.

There are two major items in the bracelet for the FOIS, the bracelet itself and the end links. Some bracelet can have different end links while some only accepts one. In addition, finding out what bracelet you can still buy from the Omega boutique is a benefit as you don’t need to look for pre-owned bracelets.

The modern 1125 bracelet is one of the vintage style bracelet that’s still in production. That means you can order this from the Omega Boutique. The 1125 accepts two end links: 560 and 617.

The one I bought is the modern 1125 with 560 end links from the Omega boutique. The advantage of this combination is that you don’t need any other special tools to get it working as the existing spring bar (19mm lug width) works perfectly. However, the 560 end link is very loose with the FOIS. A gap gets formed on the links when it bends. This is more obvious if you have a smaller wrist and the bracelet can’t curve around the wrist. I still opted for this due to the ease of installation.

FOIS Bracelet Gap

See the gap on the end links?

The 617 end links sits and flush nicely, but there are some downsides with installation. One reported that some members are filing down the corners of the end links as it’s hitting the case. This was not mention by the other post above. Mileage will vary due to the tolerances. Another requirement is opting for a smaller sized or thinner spring bar as using the existing spring bar won’t fit the links.

Overall, a First Omega in Space on a bracelet takes the watch to another level. There are a few options to consider, but in any case, will make the FOIS into a new watch. Either the 617 or 560 end links should work and the decision will depend on your circumstance.

FOIS Specifications

Lug Width: 19 mm
Case: Steel
Case diameter: 39.7 mm
Crystal: Scratch‑resistant sapphire crystal with anti‑reflective treatment inside
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 metres / 167 feet)
Price: AU$6,775.00