List of Grand Seiko’s Dial Inspirations

Grand Seiko is known to create amazing dials. On top of the craftsmanship, almost every dial is inspired by nature which adds a story to every model released. Below are some of the models and their respective inspiration.

SBGY009 – Tsuki Tenshin

A dynamic dark blue dial inspired by tsuki tenshin, the moment the full moon is at its highest point in the sky over Shinshu.

SBGJ251 – Elegance Shunbun

The spring equinox finally arrives and everyone senses that spring is truly in the air. The wild cherry trees in the mountains, long covered with frost, start to bloom and their sakura blossom decorates the slopes. The green dial and rose gold tone accents perfectly capture the arrival of spring.

SBGD207 – Mishaka

Mishaka Pond is hidden away in the forest to the east of Lake Suwa not far from Shiojiri, Shinshu where the Micro Artist Studio is located. Its pristine, crystal clear water acts as the perfect reflector of the trees that grow right to the water’s edge and their myriad shades of green. With its green-coloured mother-of-pearl dial and the green garnet indexes, this new Spring Drive timepiece presents the passage of time with a calm grace that captures exactly the atmosphere of Mishaka Pond.

SBGZ007 – Achi

High up in the mountains of the southern part of Japan’s Shinshu region is Achi, a village that is famous for its spectacular night skies. Thanks to its high elevation, its remoteness and the crisp cleanliness of its air, the stars above Achi seem almost within touching distance and the immensity of the universe is brought into the sharpest focus. With its hand engraved platinum case and with the glide motion seconds hand that moves silently and continuously across the deep blue, star-speckled dial, this new Grand Seiko masterpiece brings to life both the majesty of the heavens and the ever-changing and yet eternal nature of time itself.

SBGA471 – Sōkō

The light blue dial with its vertical texture and tonal accents is inspired by the frozen trunks of the bamboo trees that line the famed Arashiyama forest.

SLGA009- White Birch

SLGA009 captures the quiet mood of the white birch tree forests near the studio in Shinshu, where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are crafted. To look closely at the dial is to experience the exact same feeling that the visitor to these forests receives and to be brought closer than ever to the true and eternal nature of time.

SLGH011 – Green Birch

The deep green dial expresses the white birch forest as seen in summer, surrounded by lush green amongst the white stalks.

SBGA413 – Shunbun

When sakura blossoms fall into water, they swirl and float. The pink blossoms dance on the water, and the Japanese call them flower rafts, hanaikada. The pink dial of this model captures the spirit of the fleeting sakura season. Starting with the beginning of spring (Risshun), the first of the lunar year, the season comes to life when the snow gives way to rain (Usui), and creatures awaken from hibernation (Keichitsui). As day equals night (Shunbun), the pure sky and renewal of nature come into existence (Seimei).

SBGH271 – Rikka

As spring passes to summer, the land turns lush and green. A refreshing summer zephyr blows over waving fields and grass. This refreshing zephyr in Japanese is kunpu. This model’s rich, green dial seizes a summer moment to enjoy forever. It is during this season that rice is sowed (Boshu) and when the night is shortest (Geshi). As the intensity of heat raises (Shosho), summer ends with the hottest day of the year (Taisho).

SBGH273 – Shubun

Under the moonlight, the night is quiet except for the last of the chirping crickets. The bright moon against the dark sky in Japanese is known as tsukiyo. The dial of this model is a dark blue to celebrate the autumnal equinox and represent the autumn clouds as they float through the sky. Opening with the beginning of fall (Risshu), the period when temperatures fall (Shosho), and awaken to the morning dew (Hakuro). It is this season that day equals night (Shubun), and the frost appears in the morning (Kanro). Fall enters hibernation upon the first frost (Soko).

SBGA415 – Taisetsu

Pine trees crusted with snow, silent under the sun of winter. It’s when the world has settled into a slumber only to awaken in the spring. This model’s dial celebrates the winter snow as it gathers and glitters against the sunlight. As nature slows down the beginning of winter (Ritto), flurries of snow (Koyuki) begin before the heavy snow (Taisetsu). This season welcomes the shortest day of the year (Toji), as days become cold (Shokan), and life experiences the coldest day of the year (Daikan).

SLGA007 – Minamo

The patterned dial evokes the gentle sway of the surface, or minamo, of Lake Suwa. The dial echoes the lake’s ripples and shallow waves that create a pleasing sparkle at whichever angle the dial catches the light. The seconds hand and the Grand Seiko letters are sharply defined in a gold colour and echo the morning sunrise shimmering on the lake’s surface.

SBGY007 – Lake Omiwatari

Most winter, the water of Lake Suwa freezes over and, most years, a long ridge appears in the ice from one side of the lake to the other. Tradition has it that this is the ‘Omiwatari’ or where the Gods walk out over the ice.

SBGW279 – Oruri

The Oruri songbird migrates from Southeast Asia to the mountainous regions of Japan, such as the Iwate prefecture near Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi, during Rikka, the seasonal phase that marks the start of summer. Also known as the Blue-and-White Flycatcher, the Oruri delights locals with its gentle song, and its beautiful coloration is a welcome sight at the beginning of the season.

SBGP017 – Sea of Clouds

It has the texture of the sea of clouds that form around the mountains on some mornings in the Shinshu region where this and all Grand Seiko quartz watches are made. Sometimes, the air is so still and humid that dense clouds gather and overlap to create a sea of clouds above Shinshu’s lowlands that stretches away to the horizon in every direction and that is tinged with blue, reflected down from the clear skies above them.