NOMOS announces the Neomatik summer watches in new colours!

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NOMOS Glashütte has added two new Ahoi watches to their collection, the Ahoi Neomatik 38 date sky and the Ahoi Neomatik 38 date sand.

Why the sky and sand colours? It’s currently the peak of Summer in Germany, and these watches are inspired by the feeling of the season, with the blue sky and sand-coloured beaches.

The watches have been designed with durability, featuring an angular crown guard to protect the screw-down crown and winding mechanism from potential impacts. A screw-down crown also allowed a water resistance of up to 200 meters. A fun fact about NOMOS watches is that some may have noticed a red ring on the crown. This red ring indicates that the crown is not yet screwed in. Keeping the watch screwed in when exposed to water is essential because the crown is connected to the movement.

The case back is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is securely screwed down to assist with water resistance. However, you also have an option for the stainless steel back at a cheaper price. Despite their robustness and automatic movement, the watches maintain a dressy profile, measuring only 9.9mm in height, making them comfortable to wear and suitable for sliding under shirt cuffs. A diameter of 38.5mm ensures they fit well on most wrist sizes. All of these are possible thanks to the DUW 6101.

The watch will also be paired with seawater-resistant textile straps custom-woven in France for NOMOS Glashütte.

Both watch colours have excellent legibility as there is an anti-reflective treatment on both sides of the sapphire crystal. The large numerals and colour contrasts make reading the time in either colour easy. The Superluminova allows for easy reading of the time at night. If the sky blue and land colour scheme is not your liking, there’s always the white and Atlantic blue. There’s always a colour for everyone.

What I think about the watch

It’s a watch to get excited for. First is that you get the slim DUW 6101 in a smaller case! The movement has a few excellent qualities that will make any watch enthusiast giggle. You can quickly the set in either direction; Glashutte movement characteristics include a three-quarter plate, ribbing polish and tempered screws.

One exciting feature of the movement is the date change. For those who are aware, setting the date via the quickset between 8pm to 4am on many watches would often break the calendar mechanism. This limitation is because the date is engaged and will start, and is evident in famous movements such as the 7750. However, DUW 6101 only needs 90 minutes.

I believe the sapphire crystal case back is a must for this watch to admire the movement. Overall, a smaller case with exceptional movement and a very attractive price makes this a great purchase.