Rolex Price Increase January 2024

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Rolex has increased the prices of its watches by an average of 7-8% to start 2024 in Australia. However, precious metal Rolexes like two-tone or solid gold seem to increase more drastically. This could be because of the increased cost of gold.

This price increase should not surprise anybody, as Rolex has been doing this for the last few years. Just a note that there could be another price increase in the middle of the year, but it doesn’t always happen. For the discussion, I’ll list the current prices of well-known models in AUD.

Model Old Price New Price % Increase
Air-King 126900 AUD$11,050 AUD$11,900 7.14%
Submariner Date 126610LN AUD$15,250 AUD$16,450 7.87%
36mm Explorer 124270 AUD$10,750 AUD$11,550 7.44%
No-date Submariner 124060 AUD$13,550 AUD$14,650 8.12%
GMT Master II 126710BLNR AUD$16,200 AUD$17,500 8.02%
Submariner Date 126610LV AUD$15,950 AUD$17,250 8.15%
Deepsea 136660 AUD$20,950 AUD$22,750 8.59%
Datejust 41 AUD$12,000 AUD$13,000 8.33%
Oyster Perpetual 36 126000 AUD$9,000 AUD$9,700 7.78%
DateJust 36 126203 AUD$16,850 AUD$19,450 13.37%