Swatch Announces the Blancpain Ocean of Storms

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The Blancpain X Swatch collaboration introduces a new colour addition to its Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection, which pays homage to the legendary Fifty Fathoms watch from Blancpain. This groundbreaking timepiece, the first for divers, debuted over seventy years ago. The new entrant, named OCEAN OF STORMS, joins the ranks of five existing watches despite Earth having only five oceans.

This name, OCEAN OF STORMS, or Oceanus Procellarum in Latin, refers to a giant lunar mare situated on the moon’s near side, precisely its western edge. This lunar “sea” stretches over 2,500 kilometres north to south and covers an area of about 2 million square kilometres. However, the size of the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms OCEAN OF STORMS watch is less vast. It shares identical dimensions and features with its counterparts named after Earth’s oceans: ARCTIC OCEAN, PACIFIC OCEAN, ATLANTIC OCEAN, INDIAN OCEAN, and ANTARCTIC OCEAN.

The OCEAN OF STORMS model, which is not a limited edition, features a black design inspired by the new moon, often called the Black Moon. Mirroring the characteristics of its five counterparts in the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms collection, OCEAN OF STORMS is equipped with Swatch’s unique SISTEM51 mechanical movement. This movement is notable for being the first and only one to be fully produced through automated processes. Composed of a mere 51 components, including a singular central screw, it boasts anti-magnetic properties due to its NivachronTM hairspring and provides an impressive 90-hour power reserve. In 2013, SISTEM51 significantly impacted the realm of automatic watches, offering a design where the front displays the time and the back reveals the movement’s intricate workings.

The OCEAN OF STORMS watch uniquely features its designated nudibranch, known scientifically as Nudibranchia and named Okenia Luna. This creature is artistically represented through a digital print on the watch’s rotor, which is the component responsible for enabling the watch to self-charge through simple wrist movements. Additionally, a detailed digital image of the full moon focusing on the Ocean of Storms region is showcased on the watch’s oscillating weight.

Similar to its counterparts, the OCEAN OF STORMS is designed to be water-resistant, capable of withstanding up to 91 meters underwater. This feature is a tribute to Blancpain, with the term “Fifty Fathoms” referencing the traditional English maritime unit of depth measurement, where fifty fathoms are equivalent to approximately 91 meters or 300 feet.

Echoing the design philosophy of the other five models in the series, the OCEAN OF STORMS is crafted from Bioceramic, a patented material by Swatch, comprising two-thirds ceramic and one-third biosourced material, which is derived from castor oil. This choice of materials underscores dedication to ocean conservation, a theme further emphasized by the NATO straps, which are manufactured using recycled fishing nets.

The collaboration between Blancpain and Swatch is prominently showcased through their joint logos, which adorn the black sunray-finished dial and the watch’s crown. The watch case bears the “Swatch” inscription, mirroring the “Blancpain” inscription found on the original Fifty Fathoms watches. On the reverse side, the watch is engraved with motivational phrases such as PASSION FOR DIVING – LICENCE TO EXPLORE – OCEAN BREATH – PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE and IMMERSE YOURSELF, highlighting the watch’s diving heritage and environmental ethos.

The global launch of the OCEAN OF STORMS was set for January 11, 2024, coincides with the new moon’s day. It will be available at selected Swatch stores, joining the ranks of the five other watches in the Bioceramic Scuba collection.

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