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Quick tips on buying and selling watches from an online private seller

Classified ads has been the easy way to buy and sell items and it's no different for watches. As a seller, You can get more money and instantly get the cash. Buyers could also...

Babu Handmade Leather Watch Strap Review

If you tell me there's a made-to-order strap that can be had for less than USD$35, I would send you away in a heartbeat. Fortunately, Babu handmade made it possible. Babu is new in the...

Quick Interview with Igor Sharapa of Sherp Leatherwork

I was on the hunt for some new straps and saw a recommendation for Sherp Leatherwork. I checked his straps out and saw some interesting designs I haven't seen before so I thought I...

Delugs Watch Strap Review

Delugs is not unknown in the watch community. Ken, the owner, is a fellow watch collector and often seen posting in watchuseek or instagram. I have reached out to him asking a few questions...

A Quick Interview with Ken of Delugs Straps

I came across Delugs from Watchuseek and got interested in the brand. Photos from their website look good and they seem to have a following from my local forums. I decided to try his...

Fortunato Watch Strap Review

I've only learned what a Kudu was from my Moser. So when I saw that Fortunato Watch Strap is selling one, I thought I might give it a try. However, this will be on...

DaLuca Watch Straps Negative Review

This review only applies to DaLuca Clearance Items. However, it's enough for me to not consider nor recommend them in the future. This would be a short review as i would only be discussing...

Quick Interview with Fortunato Watch Strap

I came across Fortunato Watch Strap in watchuseek while looking for straps to purchase and review. I found his strap very rustic which is the look I am looking for in my next purchase....

Toyooka Craft Watch Box Review

I have achieved what most watch collectors can't do, settle on a few watches. To celebrate that occasion, I started looking for custom / hand-made watch boxes. I came across a few brands from...

A Quick Interview with Mr. Toru Yamazaki of Toyooka Craft

As I recently purchased a watch box from Toyooka Craft, it was only fair that I learn more about the company. I reached out to Mr. Toru and he was more than happy to...

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