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Blushark NATO Straps Review

Blueshark NATO Straps are one of the straps I've had in a while. It's even a strap that I bought earlier than my Cincy Strap Works which I adored so much. Between the time...
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Swatch Group Watch Service

I have noticed that my Blancpain is running out of spec. Since I was going to Melbourne for a holiday, it would be perfect timing to bring it with me to get it fixed...
Watch Movement

Independent Watch Repair in Sydney

Finding a decent watch repair guy in Sydney can be a daunting task. It's easy for quartz users to find a battery change, but mechanical watches can't be done from a kiosk in a...

COVID-19 and the Watch Industry

COVID-19, also known as the Wuhan Coronavirus, has been the news lately. With the new cases over the world just overtaking China, it would be more logical to now worry more about how it's...

Nick Mankey’s Hook Strap Review

The world of elastic watch strap is gaining traction and rightfully so. It's fully adjustable and it can be more comfortable than most NATOs. One of the most famous one would be Erika's MN,...

Hodinkee Watch Strap Review

It's as if I don't have enough 20mm strap that I decided for a vintage style one for my Rolex. Not knowing what to buy, I turned to youtube and the first thing that...

An Hour with Grand Seiko at J. Farren Price Sydney

J.Farren Price recently became an authorised dealer for Grand Seiko. I find this rather interesting as Grand Seiko is not a brand I see them stocking. What better way to show this new partnership...

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