Blancpain Celebrates the Fifty Fathom’s 70th anniversary through a collaboration with Swatch

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Blancpain and Swatch are collaborating to release a special collection of five vibrant watches. Working under the Swatch Group umbrella, these brands are crafting timepieces inspired by the world’s five oceans, blending the strengths of both names. These watches will feature Swatch’s bioceramic materials, be water-resistant, and house mechanical movement with an impressive 90-hour power reserve. Named the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection, each piece pays homage to an ocean, accentuating the importance of their preservation, a cause close to Blancpain’s ethos. The basis for this collaboration is the iconic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the pioneering diver’s watch that debuted 70 years ago, marking a pivotal moment in watch history.

Bioceramic is a unique blend that consists of two-thirds ceramic and one-third biomaterials derived from castor oil by-products. While their vibrant colours diverge from traditional Blancpain designs, the Fifty Fathoms’ features and hints of the Swatch Scuba collection are unmistakably evident in the new watch. The new watch retains prominent features of the Fifty Fathoms, including its signature case, rotating bezel, and an anti-magnetic self-winding movement through the Nivachron™ anti-magnetic balance spring.

Blancpain’s President and CEO, Marc A. Hayek, expresses deep respect for this cooperation, stressing that without Swatch, Swiss watchmaking might not have flourished as it did. The new collection, which brilliantly integrates Swatch’s vision and Blancpain’s iconic design, is a source of pride for him. Hayek, a diving enthusiast, praises the collection’s intricate details and water-resistance depth of 91 meters or 50 fathoms. Additionally, Hayek appreciates the hints of nudibranchs featured on the rotor, describing these sea creatures as nature’s wonders. Through the Blancpain Ocean Commitment initiative, they have funded over 20 scientific explorations and expanded the global marine protected areas.

This collection offers a unique spin on Blancpain’s classic diver’s watch, introducing colours not previously seen on the Fifty Fathoms. The collaborative logos of Blancpain X Swatch adorn the dial and crown. Moreover, the straps come from recycled fishing nets, further promoting ocean conservation.

Starting September 9, these watches will be exclusively available at select Swatch stores worldwide. Although they’ll be displayed inside a unique diving case in some Blancpain boutiques worldwide, they won’t be available for purchase.

About the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Seven decades ago, the Fifty Fathoms emerged as a game-changer in the watch industry, marking its place as the first genuine diver’s watch. Its creation was the vision of Jean-Jacques Fiechter, a scuba diver and then co-CEO of Blancpain. As a trailblazer in the diving field, Fiechter recognized the essentiality of monitoring time underwater. Tailored to his requirements, his invention swiftly gained widespread acclaim among military and recreational divers, solidifying its position as their reliable companion. With its emphasis on diving safety, the Fifty Fathoms bolstered the sport’s growth and facilitated deeper exploration into the oceanic realm. This creation cemented Blancpain’s enduring bond with the maritime community. For 70 years, it’s been a cornerstone of Blancpain’s dedication to marine conservation. As 2023 marks the 70th milestone of the Fifty Fathoms, it also symbolises a revival of its legacy by introducing several anniversary dive watches throughout the year, including the unique collaboration with Swatch.

Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment

In 1953, Blancpain revolutionised the world of scuba diving by introducing the Fifty Fathoms. Garnering the admiration of professional and hobbyist divers for its superior design and dependability, this innovative timepiece paved the way for a deep-rooted bond between Blancpain and marine enthusiasts, including ocean explorers, marine scientists, and underwater photographers. This association drove Blancpain’s commitment to oceanic exploration, conservation, and safeguarding. Beyond aligning with ocean conservation supporters, Blancpain took proactive steps, becoming a cornerstone supporter of many environmental ventures. One prominent example is their five-year backing of the Pristine Seas expeditions, which championed the establishment of marine sanctuaries spanning over four million square kilometres globally.

Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment initiative has furthered its legacy by financially backing over 20 marine expeditions, significantly expanding the coverage of marine protected zones, and producing award-winning ocean documentaries. They’ve also supported marine-themed photography exhibits and released informative publications. Their dedication to ocean preservation has been supplemented by the sale of an exclusive watch series, with each timepiece contributing an extra EUR 1,000 to their already generous annual environmental support.

You can learn more about the Blancpain and Swatch collaboration here.