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Cheapest NATO Straps Review

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Since breaking the fairly new leather strap of my Habring2, I wanted to get a NATO for it as a temporary replacement. However, one of the problem with certain lug widths like 18mm is that seatbelt NATO is not readily available from my usual NATO shops at all. While I decide on a leather strap for my Habring, I found out that Cheapest NATO Straps does 18mm on seatbelt at a decent price so I decided to buy it and also provide my review.


Cheapest NATO has a usual promotion similar to Blushark where if you buy 5 or more, you get 20% off. I decided to try a few designs as well. All prices are in USD.

  • Jubilée Single Pass Strap Navy – $9.95
  • Jubilée Single Pass Strap Gray – $9.95
  • PVD Deluxe Seat Belt NATO Black – $15.95
  • Deluxe Seat Belt NATO Navy – $15.95
  • Deluxe Seat Belt NATO Baltic -$15.95


The straps arrived in just a normal parcel bag. The straps are not wrapped in any other plastic to prevent any possible damage other than the bubble wrap. Not the worst I’ve seen.

Cheapest NATO Straps Packaging


The jubilee single pass has a different texture than the seatbelt NATO so I will cover both.

Cheapest NATO Straps Group

The seatbelt straps I would say are somewhere between a good nylon and the lower end of the seatbelt weave spectrum. It still has a smooth feeling when you slide your fingers on it, but one can still feel the roughness. The edges of the strap does not have a consistent feel to it as the ends are where it was probably cut is rougher than normal. The issue is shared with the Jubilee single pass as seen below. Machine stitching on the other hand looks very solid and consistent so i got no complaints about that.

Cheapest NATO Straps Ends

The jubilee single pass feels worse than the NATO. The bottom side of the stitching closer to the buckle feels so rough. In addition, also located under the strap is the area that was cut and sealed off is very sharp so it might feel uncomfortable for some. For $10, I don’t expect a lot so you get what you pay for.

Cheapest NATO Straps Edges

Both type of straps having something similar which makes me to not recommend the strap – the hardware. These are the most flimsy hardware I’ve felt. According the to the description on the website, it’s “Solid stainless steel with a polished finish, off course 100% nickel free”, but defintely does not feel like it’s solid. it might be because it’s thinner than what I am used to or it’s just paired with a low-end strap. Regardless, the hardware is the worst in any of the NATO straps I’ve bought before.

Cheapest NATO Straps Jubilee

Final Verdict

Overall, I would only recommend them if you have odd sizes or under budget. Even then, I would recommend saving up a bit more and getting from more tested straps. 4 /10 for me. If you really want to buy it, you can visit their shop here.