DaLuca Watch Straps Negative Review

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This review only applies to DaLuca Clearance Items. However, it’s enough for me to not consider nor recommend them in the future. This would be a short review as i would only be discussing the negative aspects about the strap.

I was looking for another strap for my Habring and I saw that he has an 18mm on clearance. I bought it knowing there would be imperfections and blemishes, but what I received was worse. The lug holes are overly glued, bended and angled.

The photos here were taken with my phone as these are the images I have sent Daniel. It should still suffice to show the issue.

  • Glued lug holes – Daniel only advised me to insert a sharp object like a paper clip to loosen it. I thought the strap was already working as intended as I saw it fitted in a watch in the listing. I had to use a toothpick as I don’t have a paper clip and my spring bars are thicker than a standard paperclip. It worked on the short end, but the long end had another issue.


  • Further glue– I couldn’t identify why it’s taking so much effort to pierce through it. Daniel advised it’s “little” and I should be good to go.

  • The whole hole is angled – Yes. It’s not crafted straight. One can see that it’s actually not straight.  No wonder it won’t go through as well the whole lug is not straight. According to Daniel, “I know we discounted a lot of these (for the clearance section) for various reasons but some had minor issues like this and that was part of the reason for them being sold for so low.“. He then asked me how it looks on the watch.

I showed him the picture. Haven’t heard from him since. Probably because the tooth pick went through and it fits in a watch.

I’ll let you be a judge of that.