Kurono Tokyo announces a special Kurono project

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Fans of Kurono Tokyo have been waiting for his new design, and what has been announced is different – or maybe not. Kurono Tokyo dropped the Tokyo in the dial and identified it as a special project.

Kurono Tokyo is a hit for watch collectors because it offers beautiful new or improved designs and an opportunity to own a timepiece by Hajime Asaoka. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this recently announced timepiece only ticked one of the boxes. How so?

This design is not new, nor innovative, but Hajime never said it is. 

The majority of them shared my taste and design choice for a vintage size from the past.

The Bullseye Design is vintage and goes back to the 40s. This design is evident in the chosen font as well. However, to be fair, this is not the first Kurono Tokyo Bullseye. I believe the JDM version Chrono Tokyo x Tic Tac is the first, making this release even more lacklustre.  It’s just that the colour choices made it look like every other watch, and there are plenty of modern alternatives available, making the watch harder to purchase. 

The second reason is that the listing lacked the usual finesse in a major Kurono Tokyo release. As of my article’s writing, no purchasing dates are available for other countries, no product video, and the lack of creativity on the website page, where even the URL is just /34mm/.

But wait, the price is lower as well! That is true, but at the same time, the Japanese yen has fallen severely, which technically would make the price cheaper if the cost of production in the Japanese yen is similar.  

At the end of the day, watch collectors will buy this just because of the name or because they don’t have a similar design watch in the collection. It’s fairer pricing and an opportunity for some to have a Kurono Tokyo in my collection. Will I purchase one? Maybe if I am offered in advance.

These are the specs.

Size 34mm
Water resistance 50m (5 bar)
Case Stainless steel
Base movement Miyota 90s5
Strap Calf leather