Ochs und Junior announces the Ochs line Selene Nebra

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The Nebra finish on our custom watches is one of the most admired finishes. Initially, this technique wasn’t linked to ochs und junior. However, in 2012/2013, a client from Lucerne, Switzerland, requested a dial reminiscent of the Nebra sky disc. This disc, a 32 cm diameter, 2.2 kg bronze artifact found in Nebra, Germany, has acquired a green-blue patina over time and features gold symbols representing celestial bodies like the sun or moon, a crescent moon, and a star cluster, possibly the Pleiades.

Fast forward to now, a decade since the debut of the ochs und junior Selene Nebra as a bespoke item, we’re releasing it as a standard model for the 2023 holiday season. This offer, available in the Ochs series, lasts until January 6, 2024, after which the Nebra dial will revert to a special-order item. Orders placed before November 20 will be delivered by December 20, 2023. Orders received until January 6, 2024, will be dispatched by late January or early February 2024.


Ludwig Oechslin’s moon phase timepiece showcases the current time, date, and lunar phases. This watch includes a distinctive moon phase mechanism, realized through a 5-component epicyclic gearing setup, maintaining accuracy for 3,478.27 years before deviating by a day. Its analog, spiral dot date feature provides a more precise visual compared to a digital display from an equal distance. It integrates the date display seamlessly with the circular arrangement of the hours and minutes.


In this representation, the earth is depicted at the centre and the sun is symbolized by the prominent dot at the 12 o’clock position. The arrangement shows a full moon occurs when the moon is positioned directly opposite the sun and earth at the 6 o’clock. Conversely, the new moon phase is illustrated when the moon is concealed between the sun and earth, aligned at the 12 o’clock spot. This phase is indicated by a dark circle at the 6 o’clock position.


Over 30+1 apertures along the dial’s edge indicate the date, with the 10-minute markers acting as guides. For instance, the 30-minute marker doubles as an indicator for the 15th day (since 30 divided by 2 equals 15). These markers, set at 5-day intervals, enable quick and easy date reading. Although this method differs from the standard date display, it becomes second nature to interpret after a brief period of familiarization.


The precise minute and second readings are discernible through the date apertures, spaced every two minutes. These holes signify the even minutes, while the spaces between them represent the odd minutes. Both the holes and gaps align in width with the minute hand.


How does Ludwig Oechslin’s moon phase work?

A central finger, directly attached to the hour pipe, powers the epicyclic gear train, which rotates the lunar disk below the dial in a counter-clockwise direction. This central finger connects to a 12-toothed wheel, whose 14-toothed pinion interlocks with an 18-toothed wheel. In turn, this wheel’s 14-toothed pinion meshes with a stationary ring gear embedded with 109 teeth on the underside of the dial.

What is the benefit of a highly precise moon phase calculation?

The typical interval between two similar moon phases is roughly 29.530589 days. Many moon phase watches around this to 29.5 days, leading to a one-day error every two years. The more precisely the moon phase calculation aligns with the average 29.530589-day cycle, the more minor the discrepancy between the predicted and actual moon phases. The Ochs und Junior Moon phase watch uses a more exact calculation of 29.5306122449 days. Consequently, its moon phase indication remains accurate for about 3,478.27 years before deviating by a single day. This accuracy means that once you set the moon phase on your watch, it will reliably represent the moon’s phases without needing readjustment.


The special edition selene nebra 2023 is available at the price of CHF 7520 (export price without VAT) / CHF 8100 (incl. VAT). It can be ordered immediately up to and including January 6, 2024.

After that, the ochs und junior moon phase nebra is again only available as a one-off production via our customizer. Orders can be placed by e-mail to oj@ochsundjunior.ch or directly on our homepage: www.ochsundjunior.swiss

Orders received until November 20 will be available for delivery until December 20, 2023. Later orders up to and including January 6 will be shipped by the end of January / beginning of February 2024.

Orders with a 50% prepayment following the ochs und junior standard guidelines: Payment via stripe (homepage), via credit card (saferpay-link) or via bank transfer to our bank account:

Learn more about the watch here.


Further Information

Dimensions 42mm x 11mm (incl. crystal)
39mm x 11mm
Weight 42mm titanium: 70g (incl. leather strap and buckle)
39mm titanium: 62g
Water Resistance 100m (10 bar) in titanium
Case 2-part case in grade 5 titanium designed by Ludwig Oechslin.
Moonphase Function 5-part epicyclic gear system designed by Ludwig Oechslin.
The calculation is precise for 3,478.27 years before it will be off by one day.
Date function 30 + 1 hole date spiral with 5-minute markers that serve as reference points designed by Ludwig Oechslin.
Base movement ETA 2824-2 with 38 hours of power reserve. Manufacturer: ETA SA / Grenchen / Switzerland.
Crown Screw-down crown in grade 5 titanium designed by Ludwig Oechslin (39mm and 42mm). Manufacturer: Pibor SA / Glovelier / Switzerland.
Buckle Designed by Ludwig Oechslin for 22mm watch straps with no loops. Visible machining marks. Grade 5 titanium.
Watch strap Ecopell Olifant leather strap handmade by Sabina Brägger.
Crystal Sapphire Crystal
Luminova Swiss Super-LumiNova, applied by Monyco in La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland.
Swiss Made The ochs und junior selene nebra watch is entirely manufactured in Switzerland. Each watch is hand-assembled and regulated at the ochs und junior workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
Warranty The entire watch is covered by a 2-year guarantee.