Rolex and Tudor Price Increase 2020

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UPDATE January 1, 2022 – Rolex Price Increase 2022

It’s now been confirmed that the Rolex and Tudor price increases are taking effect. Prices across the Rolex and Tudor websites is now being changed with people expressing mixed opinions. The increase will also vary depending on the model with the explorer not increasing for example.

For Rolex, an example would be the bluesy going from AUD$17,850 to $19,900. For Tudor, we have the GMT from around AUD$4,900 to AUD$5,510. Pelagos also saw an increase from AUD$5,600 to AUD$6,250.

DavidSW has listed a good list for US buyers in The Rolex Forum.

What does this price increase this mean for us?

Price increases are nothing new and are expected especially in Australia, but there are some effects to be expected.

For one, purchasing a watch or a Rolex in this instance as an investment will be more argued than ever. It’s a well known fact especially in some communities that a watch is only worth purchasing if it increases in value. If it’s not a Rolex or a Patek, it’s not worth purchasing.

Second, pre-owned market will also increase in price and flippers will also increase all their existing inventory. If you’re intending to sell a more recent model, it would be a good time to sell now (don’t get blacklisted).

Lastly, for most consumers as well, owning a Rolex will be harder and would entail more savings. People purchase a new watch for various reasons such as reaching a milestone or even as an engagement / wedding watch. Any small increase would either throw people off in purchasing one or take more time in purchasing one.