Seagull Skeleton M182SK Quick Review

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One of the earlier watches I bought in my collection is the M182SK. I purchased this just weeks after I purchased my IWC 377714. I started doing more research about watches since acquiring it and one of the things that I encountered were skeleton watches.

Skeleton watches are watches where you can see the internals. This is different from Open Hearts where you can only see the balance wheel. The problem with skeleton watches is that the internals are not always pretty or the implementation is not great as well. In addition, more often than not, people will eventually get bored as the appeal of seeing the internal dies down. Rather than spending thousands, I decided to try the feeling by purchasing one of the most decent and affordable skeleton in the market, the Seagull Skeleton M182SK.


The box is very simple and surprisingly quite elegant for a Seagull.

It comes with the paperworks on top and below it is the watch. It’s properly wrapped and surrounded by a faux padding and the manual.

Quick Review

I’ve worn this watch for a good few months on rotation. One thing that I can say is that this is a light watch. You can easily forget that you’re wearing it through out the day. 38.5mm is also a good size in today’s standard and wears just right even for a small wrist. It is a bit thick though at 13mm, but it’s still not that bulky because of its diameter.

The watch surprisingly ran good. I was getting around +7-10s/d which is good enough for this sort of watch. It winds very smoothly every time I need to wind it. Just a note that mileage will definitely vary for these sort of watches depending on where you purchase it from. One thing I also noticed is that there are a few variations of the ST16 movement for this. It can either be the ST1601K, ST1602 or ST1603.

The default strap that came with it is not great. It’s the standard cheap ‘genuine’ leather strap. Eventually I had it swapped out with a Wotancraft shark skin strap. The crystal is also hardlex, but hardly a problem for me.

Cheap strap needs to be disposed of.

The honeymoon phase passed by quickly and I eventually sold it. It’s not just because watching a skeleton watch gets tiring, but also the watch felt like a toy overtime. It got out of rotation as my collection grew and it’s not even worth putting it on the wrist anymore.

The Seagull M182SK is a good entry level skeleton for most. I recommend it to people who wants to get into the skeleton market without spending a fortune.