Blancpain Announces the Quantieme Moonphase

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Blancpain’s diving heritage began in 1953 with the Fifty Fathoms, the first tool watch for professional divers. Three years later, in 1956, came the Bathyscaphe, a more commercialised version of the Fifty Fathoms. Designed for daily wear while retaining the diving capabilities of a dive watch, the Bathyscaphe line offered a smaller size and a date window. Today, it embraces its origins by introducing a contemporary model that blends a variety of colors with Blancpain’s mastery of ceramic.

Mastery of Ceramics

Modern ceramic technology allows the Bathyscaphe collection to venture into new territory. Ceramic’s unique properties make it the ideal choice for this collection. The inclusion of a high-tech ceramic bracelet, a first for Blancpain, enhances its sporty and versatility. Consistent with Blancpain’s commitment to sustainability, the ceramic is sourced locally in Switzerland to minimize manufacturing emissions. This incredibly robust, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic material is nearly five times harder than stainless steel and almost four times harder than grade 5 titanium, yet 25% lighter. However, its exceptional qualities necessitate a highly complex manufacturing process, especially concerning finishing. When firing ceramic above 1400°C and machining it with diamond tools, a nearly 25% volume reduction must be factored in.

Comfort and Elegance

Creating a watch bracelet requires perfect link alignment for optimal ergonomics and comfort. To achieve this, each link is meticulously measured for the best possible fit. Utilizing a patented fastening system, the links are securely held together with cam-shaped pins, guaranteeing strength and comfort. The black color flawlessly complements not only the design of the new complete calendar, but also the existing Bathyscaphe time-only and flyback chronograph versions offered in the same ceramic case material.


The new Bathyscaphe Quantième Complet Phases de lune is powered by the caliber 6654.P4, a movement that embodies both its diving heritage through the rotating bezel and Blancpain’s signature haute horlogerie elements.

A Splash of Blue

A touch of sophistication is brought to the Bathyscaphe line with the latest blue dial. The dial’s shines with a subtle gradient effect combined with a sunburst finish. This intricate finish creates depth and captivating brilliance.

The Unidirectional Bezel

A near-death experience during a 1952 dive inspired Blancpain co-president Jean-Jacques Fiechter to create a secure underwater timekeeping watch. His innovation resulted in the graduated, locking rotating bezel specifically designed for scuba diving, introduced on the 1953 Fifty Fathoms model. Today’s Fifty Fathoms collection employs a unidirectional bezel that rotates only counter-clockwise for enhanced safety, accompanied by a distinct clicking sound when manipulated. Just like its predecessor, the Bathyscaphe features the same type of bezel, albeit with a ceramic insert instead of a domed sapphire crystal. The new moon phase calendar stays true to this principle. The ceramic bezel inserts match the vibrant blue hue of the dial, echoing the fresh colors of the deep ocean, while contrasting Gray Liquidmetal® adds a touch of definition. The contemporary bezel ensures exceptional scratch resistance while retaining the characteristic clicking sound.

Blancpain’s Signature Moon Phase

This new watch features Blancpain’s emblematic moon phase complication. Blancpain President and CEO Marc A. Hayek said, “the moon phase not only represents Blancpain but also signifies the revival of traditional watchmaking after the quartz crisis.” In the 1970s, Blancpain championed the idea that quartz  watches could never replace intricate mechanical creations. It was for this reason that Blancpain unveiled a moon phase timepiece in 1983 as a stance against the dominance of quartz movements.

Blancpain and Calendar Complications

Calendar watches are a cornerstone of Blancpain’s identity, showcasing their prowess in intricate watchmaking mechanisms. These timepieces re-emerged in the 1980s, starting with the complete calendar, which paved the way for Blancpain’s exploration of other complex functions.

Their mastery extends beyond complete calendars, encompassing weekly calendars, simple date displays, annual calendars, and even perpetual calendars. This expertise culminated in two groundbreaking world-firsts: the Villeret Running Equation of Time and the Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar.

The prevalence of calendar mechanisms in Blancpain’s collections solidifies their reputation as masters of this complication. 

The price is with the ceramic bracelet AUD$41,400 while NATO or sailcloth costs AUD$29,300.