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Watch Repair and Restoration in Sydney

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Finding a decent watch repair guy in Sydney can be a daunting task. It’s easy for quartz users to find a battery change, but mechanical watches can’t be done from a kiosk in a mall. Furthermore, it’s always a common decision to bring watches to dealers or boutiques which is perfectly alright, but it can cost a lot depending on the brand.

I have compiled a list of independent watch repair in Sydney in no particular order. This is from various recommendations and personal experience so mileage will still vary from person to person.

CS Watch Repairs (Christopher Soto) – One of the new watchmakers in the block. He has serviced my vintage Rolex and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Upon receiving the watch, he did a quick inspection and called me to inform about the job. The repair took longer than quoted due to unexpected delays on other jobs, but it’s all worth the wait. The job is then recorded including all the things that were done. All the information is available on the computerised invoice that is provided as well. His costs is fair and would highly recommend him.

Max Schweizer – One of the most recommended watch repair in Sydney. I got my Speedmaster serviced by him and the watch came back repaired and regulated. Some would say that his starting price is a bit higher than most independents which I agree, but he gets the job done. However, there’s been some discussion lately that quality is not what it used to be. He’s been rushing jobs to get more work in. I would take that with a grain of salt as he did a commendable job on my speedmaster.

A classic speedmaster

Horologist (Michael Arraiza) – This is one of my local forum’s most recommended watch repair guy. Plenty of members can vouch for him and have reported fair pricing. I did try to send him a message via Facebook to do some repairs, but he never responded and just left with a ‘seen’. He could just have missed it or is busy so best to visit or call.

Thomas’ Timepieces – Not in Sydney specifically, but Newcastle. He’s active in the Australian Watch Forum and is known as a Seiko specialist. He’s very knowledgeable about vintage Seiko and would consider him for repairs.

Special Mention

Special mentions are those who are authorised repair centres, gets mentioned in watch forums every now and then or ones that I have dealt with through sales, but I don’t have any repair experience with. They are reputable and also definitely worth considering.

Nicholas Hacko – He’s a very direct and straightforward person to deal with, but will definitely get the job done. He has his own brand under the name Rebelde where he manufactures his own parts in Sydney. I have contacted him before to buy a seamaster and is one of the pre-owned dealers I recommend. If there’s one guy that knows his stuff, it’s definitely Nick.

Master Watchmaking (Karl Braunsteiner) – I don’t have a specific personal experience with Karl outside of buying a few items from him. His customer service is top notched though. I did ask for a quote once and they can’t give me an estimate until they see the watch. This is common across different watchmakers as well which should be mandatory. As an official service repair centre for Audemars Piguet, I don’t think you’ll have any problems with him.

Thomas Czibula – A name that you hear from within the watchmaking community. He’s often recommended by fellow watchmakers as a very competent watchmaker.

Joao Santos – He works or trades under Christina’s Jewellers and is one of the importer and distributor of watch movements and equipment in Australia. Also a highly recommended watchmaker within the watchmaking community.

Luxury Watchmaker – Another name that pops-up within the watch forum, but I haven’t dealt with him personally. Very active in his facebook page doing repairs.