Pre-owned watch dealers in Sydney

Last Updated: December 24, 2019

Looking for a pre-owned watch dealers in Sydney? I have compiled a short list of pre-owned watch dealers in Sydney based on feedback from my own and different people’s experiences. If you are looking for pre-dealers in Melbourne, visit this link.

Vintage Watch Co

Vintage Watch Co or also known as VWC by the community is one of the earlier pre-owned dealers I have dealt with. They were previously known as Fredman SVW until they were bought out from the looks of it.

Mark (not owner) and his team are quite good to deal with. Lately there’s been a downward slump in customer service and their selection of watches aren’t that interesting from my daily visit to the site. Sometimes they would have very nice pieces like a very rare Patek Philippe and even a DatoGraph at one point.

Brands they stock includes Rolex, Omega, Jaeger Le Coultre, Glashutte Original, A. Lange and Sohne, IWC and a few vintage as well. They are also an authorised dealer of Grand Seiko I believe.

I got my A. Lange and Sohne from them which I now regret selling. In addition, the NOMOS on my featured image was also bought from them.  I have previously bought three to four other pieces as well that’s why I always come back to them. It’s just a different level of customer service now, but overall still a decent shop.

Luxuria Watches

Was known as Sydney Watch Exchange and ran by Khov. A lot of members of the Australian Watch Forum can vouch for him. After looking at his site, his prices are indeed competitive compared to other pre-owned dealers. Even on his Google Review, he’s a top rated seller though can be debatable how he gets some of his reviews.

I wanted to trade one of the pieces or even sell something on two occasions. The first occasion was via email where he didn’t respond. After going to one of the Australian Watch Forum get together, I was told he almost never responds. You will have to visit him personally or probably call.

Eventually I did call him for another watch I was interested in trading. Well spoken man so I got no complaints about that. I asked if he still does trades to which he said yes and gave him the watch details. After learning about the brand, model and if it comes with box and papers, he asked me what trade value I am looking at. Not happy with the amount, he just said “beautiful watch, but not interested. good bye.” then hanged up. I am not sure if he even heard me thanking for his time. The conversations were also very abrupt with him cutting me off every time while I was giving more information.

One notable internet personality who knows Khov quite a lot is Archie Luxury (Paul Pluta). He had a few episodes where he talks about buying and selling watches and the topic was brought up a few times. To sum it up, Khov does not take kindly to those who he identifies as not a buyer.

If you’re after a good price for watches, lives in Sydney and you won’t ask a lot of questions, Khov is your guy.

Nicholas Hacko / Clockmaker

Nicholas Hacko is one of the more expensive pre-owned dealer, but if you’re after some hard to find and pristine vintage Rolex, he has some to offer. On a normal day, he has plenty of Rolex and Omega to sell. I would advise to subscribe to his newsletter for up-to-date watches he’s selling and also read some tidbits about the watch industry and the watch he’s building.

My experience with him was selling an IWC which I reviewed here. Price paid to me was normal dealer pricing so I got no complaints, but still low. This was the time I was still learning about the whole process. The money was paid out to my bank account immediately. He’s not open on weekends as well so if you only have time for the weekends, it’s an easy miss.

Overall, very neutral. Not a must visit unless he has the piece you really want or interested in Rebelde, his own brand.

IWC 377714 Wheel

Special mention

There are other dealers that should get mentioned. The reason why I didn’t mention them as a recommended shop is that I haven’t had a successful dealing with them nor have seen enough feedback. Zaeger and Watch Collector.


I only contacted them a few times through facebook and in most of the time, they never got back to me when they said they would. I guess they’re not interested or just forgot. However, they are still a legit seller.

Some feedback I saw is that they’re quite on the more expensive side and I couldn’t agree more.

Watch Collector

They’re one of the smaller pre-owned dealer that doesn’t get updated quite often. They have a mix of modern and vintage watches for sale. Sometimes it’s a good price and sometimes it’s quite expensive.

One thing I question is their knowledge of vintage. I saw was a vintage Ed White Speedmaster with incorrect dial and hands and were selling it for around $16,000 AUD. Nothing was mentioned about the incorrect parts in the ad which can be concerning for the uninformed buyer. Other than this mishap, they’re still quite reputable around.

There’s a lot of pre-owned dealers in Sydney to visit. Your experience overall will be different than mine depending on how good you are with haggling and the pieces you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and more importantly, enjoy the journey of buying your new time piece