The Best Kurono Tokyo Yet? 2024 Anniversary Reiwa

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Kurono Tokyo unveils its 2024 Anniversary piece, a new Reiwa. Drawing inspiration from ‘Ruri-Numa’ (瑠璃沼), this timepiece merges a metallic lapis-green border with a profoundly reflective black center, seamlessly flowing across a cylindrical dial.

The complexity of its craftsmanship led to the Reiwa’s first limited release five years ago, in 2019. Now, it returns exclusively to commemorate our 5th anniversary. This model is recognized as a pinnacle of Hajime Asaoka’s art-deco style and achieves the Grand Series masterpiece status. Its intricate two-part dial has garnered worldwide praise. Alongside Asaoka’s handcrafted atelier creations, it has shattered auction records, solidifying its position as one of our most coveted watches.

The Reiwa’s design conceals a highly intricate dialmaking process that suffered from low production yields even in 2019. This anniversary edition poses even greater challenges due to its intensified color contrast. Since production began in January 2024, a mere 5 out of every 100 dials have met our rigorous standards.

The 2024 Anniversary Reiwa stands as the most challenging watch Kurono TOkyo have ever produced, marking the end of the Reiwa line. However, all valid orders submitted within the designated timeframe will be fulfilled.


The volcanic forces that shaped ‘Goshiki-Numa’ (五色沼) left a landscape of vibrant lakes and ponds. Sunlight and weather play with these waters, shifting their hues throughout the year. This dazzling display of nature’s artistry earned ‘Goshiki-Numa’ a spot in the Michelin Green Guide in 2016, a testament to the region’s captivating beauty.

While each lake holds its own charm, the allure of ‘Ruri-Numa’ (瑠璃沼) particularly resonated with Hajime Asaoka. Seeking to preserve its ephemeral beauty, Sensei envisioned a watch that would echo its captivating depths, giving birth to the 2024 Anniversary Reiwa.


The caseback is carved with Hajime-sensei’s signature and seal. It gives recognition to the Reiwa as a masterpiece in our Grand Series of watches

High polish case

The watch case is a mere 7mm (excluding sapphire) in depth and shimmers with an obsessive level of polish. Combined with the curve of the box sapphire crystal, the effect is a mesmerizing display of light and reflection.

What do I think about this watch?

I think this is the best Kurono Tokyo watch yet. It combined the best of Hajime-sensei while maintaining the roots of the Kurono Tokyo brand. This is the style that brought Kurono Tokyo to the top and is probably the best way to celebrate the 5th anniversary. The contrasting dial and green hues are just perfect.

Though some may not like the lack of innovation, the anniversary pieces are meant to be for more people to enjoy while being able to deliver the watch in the highest quality control. That means give them Kurono Tokyo’s best. Not to say his other pieces are not the best, but this is Kurono Tokyo at its finest.

At the price, it’s a no brainer. Every Kurono Tokyo collector should have this in their collection.

Release date

Similar to the previous anniversary launches, the 2024 Anniversary Reiwa production numbers will be time-limited.

  • 11:00PM JST, Thursday, 16th May 2024
  • (BST) London: Thursday, 16 May, 3:00PM
  • (EDT) New York: Thursday, 16 May, 10:00AM
  • (GST) Dubai: Thursday, 16 May, 6:00PM
  • (AEST) Sydney: Friday, 17 May, 12:00AM
  • (PDT) California: Thursday, 16 May, 7:00AM

Further Information
Movement Japan-made Premium movement 90S5 by Miyota
Crystal Unique box sapphire glass
Caseback 316L high-polished 37mm stainless steel case
Lug-to-lug 42.75mm
Lug width 20mm
Strap Black calf leather band with green embellished sides