Ritmo Mundo Announces Pegasus Watch Collection

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

The Los Angeles-based watch brand Ritmo Mundo marks its 22nd anniversary by unveiling a groundbreaking series, the Pegasus watch collection. This series represents the company’s initial foray into designs boasting a clear, highly durable glass casing. Set to shake up the watchmaking sector, the Pegasus collection offers one of the most affordable transparent watch cases worldwide, with a retail price of $3,500 USD. The collection merges sleekness, sportiness, and luxury with accessibility, offering sophisticated dial options across eight unique variants.

Ali Soltani, the founder of Ritmo Mundo, describes the Pegasus as the cornerstone of the brand’s evolution into Ritmo Mundo 2.0. He highlights the collection as bold and subtly sophisticated, aimed at the discerning watch enthusiast. It represents an accessible luxury that stands out for its genuine innovation and exceptional coolness. The design of the crystal-clear glass case underscores the brand’s commitment to breaking new ground and not merely keeping up with future trends but actively defining them.

The Pegasus Collection combines an impressive display and top-tier functionality with its transparent 44mm cushion-shaped glass case, providing a complete 360-degree view of the watch’s skeleton movement and internal parts. This clarity is ensured to last, owing to the glass’s unmatched resistance to scratches. Ritmo Mundo utilizes a glass material for the case that achieves a hardness level of 7 on the Mohs scale, offering the exquisite appearance of a sapphire crystal case but at a far more accessible cost.

The watch’s transparent cushion-shaped case boasts a sleek silhouette, enhanced by its sharp bevelled edges. The case front, made entirely of clear glass, attaches flawlessly to a dial of mineral-strengthened glass and a distinct transparent crystal back, all held together with stainless steel screws. The ergonomic structure features a slim profile of only 11.3 mm in thickness.

Several models within the Ritmo Mundo Pegasus collection offer decorative dial rings embellished with a mix of coloured and clear crystals in variations of red and white, green and white, blue and white, or entirely clear crystals. Alternatives include metallic dial rings in green, silver, black, orange, or silver tones. The watches’ luminous, pointer-style hands enhance visibility, ensuring easy reading during the day and at night.

Despite its fragile appearance, the Pegasus timepiece is built for durability and activity. It features a screw-down crown, a back cover resistant to corrosion and mould, and a hypoallergenic silicone strap with a 316L stainless steel pin buckle clasp. This athletic watch boasts excellent functionality, including water resistance up to 3ATM and a 48-hour power reserve, catering to the needs of those with an active lifestyle.

The introduction of the Pegasus collection signifies a pivotal moment for the U.S.-based Ritmo Mundo, a brand that originated in Milan in 2002 with the vision of creating contemporary watches that resonate with pop culture trends. Ritmo Mundo has established significant connections across various cultural domains, such as architecture, entertainment, and sports. Over the years, the brand transitioned to Hollywood, California, positioning itself at the heart of pop culture with a premier retail location on Rodeo Drive at David Orgell and an expanding global network of retailers.

Embracing its stylish Italian heritage and Hollywood’s trend-setting influence, Ritmo Mundo is moving ahead with a refreshed focus on innovation, affordability, and contemporary elegance. The brand plans to phase out much of its existing catalog to make room for new collections that embody modern, innovative, and accessible luxury, with the Pegasus collection at the forefront. Additionally, Ritmo Mundo is set to unveil two more watch collections in 2024, marking a significant expansion of its product line.