Vietnam Handcrafted Leather / HDStraps (Hoang Dat) Straps Review

If there's one name that appears in almost every Facebook group around the world when it comes to straps, it's definitely Vietnam Handcrafted Leather or Hoang Dat's straps. You will see him posting a...

Cincy Strap Works NATO Straps Review – Part 1

One of the questions I always see in the forum and in Facebook groups I am in is what NATO strap to get. There's a lot of recommendation to purchase from local shops here...

Two One Four Straps Review

I was looking for another set of straps for my new watches yet again. Like always, It has to be custom made with measurements that are very close to NOMOS' sizes. I was looking...

Wotancraft Straps Review : Shark Skin and Shell Cordovan

Introduction This is a review that I should have done a long time ago. One reason for the delay is that I have been slacking off. Second is that Wotancraft doesn’t sell any Shark Skin...

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