How to get on the Rolex Waiting List

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The Rolex waiting list may sound difficult, but it’s easier than that. It’s also as real as all you need to do is spend money.

Disclaimer: This is not the single truth of the waiting list as there will be plenty of factors that can affect it. I have been offered a no-date stainless steel submariner before as I have purchased a few watches from one of the major dealers, but have declined to purchase.

What changed in the Rolex Waiting List in 2024?

Building a relationship is still the key factor. This just means that you still need to spend money on your authorised dealer of choice. However, what changed is that there is now an amount associated with watches.

In Australia, from what I’ve gathered, here are some of the numbers I have seen.

Though some dealer would still consider an overall purchase history, the “per year” makes it more guaranteed. An overall purchase history from what I’ve known is that you still get to the list in a higher priority than those without one.

I keep hearing the term “Bundling”

Bundling is not new, but it’s becoming more accepted as the lesser evil. It just means that you purchase a set of undesirable watches so you can get allocated the Rolex of your choice. One example is purchasing a Tudor, a Breitling and a piece of jewelery at the same time and they will get you a Rolex 124060. Some people find this practice better as it gives them confidence that they will get the watch rather than being “promised”.

Some people are getting watches from overseas Rolex dealer with no purchase history!

I have seen stories where some people randomly enter an authorised dealer or boutique, chat for a while and gets surprised with a hot model. Though this is certainly possible, I believe this won’t work everytime especially in countries or boutiques with a large VIP list like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or Rolex Boutique in Sydney, Australia.

Hermes does the same thing. Some can get offered a Birkin or a Kelly without a purchase history, but the timing has to be right. There are strategies now where the husband has to be the one to go to the store and mention that he wants to surprise his wife (i.e. Birthday, Anniversary) and get lucky.

Should I continue playing the Rolex Game?

The question still remains – should I continue playing the Rolex game? It still ultimately up to you.

If you only want one watch, I still recommend just paying grey for it. However, if you want multiple watches, building a full relationship is still the way to go.

I recently visited an AD since I wanted to put my name down for the new 41mm no date Submariner as my 30th gift. I know I won’t have any chances of getting one, but little did I know that I will get an explanation on how to be on the waiting list. Below are excerpts from explanations in order.

Rolex Rosegold Skydweller

“You have to build a relationship with the AD of your choice.”

This is the sentence you will often hear, and the manager reiterated this. You will need to choose the AD you want to spend your money on. There’s no point swapping ADs as you will start from the beginning.

I’ve seen other luxury brands try this for a new model, but none are as successful as Rolex.

“With that said, this will not be your first watch with us.”

He’s correct. Building a relationship requires spending on the AD. It can be the n-th watch before they offer you one of a SS Submariner.

“The AD has to see that you value them as a company.”

This is purely the marketing term for “you need to give us money”.

“Rolex only creates a set number of watches per model per year.”

The answer varies depending on who you ask, however, I find this true. It’s not that Rolex can’t manufacture more. it is just that Rolex will not increase production and they’re not the only brand doing this.

“The AD decides who gets the limited allocation. Rolex only manufactures the watch. It’s up to us who we think deserves it.”

This is true. Rolex is only the manufacturer. An AD only gets a certain number of allocation. Sometimes, you even get the ADs selling to grey market dealers making it more difficult to obtain one through the normal channels.

“You’re still young and still have plenty of time.”

This is mainly directed at me. However, this is also showing that this is the long game that most are willing to play.

Anything from here will depend on who you ask. Some said you have to spend on unwanted models such as a ladies’ Datejust or some two-tone Yachtmasters. If your AD only sells Rolex, then this is true. There have also been debates whether the person should only buy unmovable watches or can actually spend on actual watches he might like. At the end of the day, it has to be a single AD.

TL;DR? – You need to choose an AD and give them money in the hopes that they will allocate you a Rolex stainless steel sports.

Rolex Datejust


Q: Is the expression of interest the same as the waiting list?

A: It depends on your dealer and country. In Australia, the waiting list has now been superseded in favour of the expression of interest. Australian Rolex ADs have stopped taking deposits and stopped using the term waiting lists but will offer an EOI. With an EOI, they are not obliged to provide the product but you just get placed in a queue. If you’re lucky, you will get offered. The better your purchase history, the better the chance.

Q: Does the waiting list apply for Tudor?

A: Yes, but most of the time, this only applies to hot models in stainless steel bracelets and can be a real waiting list. However, the demand for the BB58 has subsided that you can definitely get one in 6-12 months. The BB58 in the leather strap for example can easily be seen in stock.

Q: Should I buy from the grey market instead?

A: If you only want one or two watches from Rolex, this is the route I would recommend. There’s no need to play the game and spend on watches you don’t want. However, if you also plan on getting future releases, playing the game might be your option.