Watch Hierarchy and Ranking

Last Updated: December 24, 2023

I have decided to write my own version of the watch hierarchy and ranking after seeing plenty pop-up lately. The problem with these kinds of chart / infographic is that some brands can fit in different ranges / criteria. Brands like JLC for example can offer an affordable range all the way up to haute horlogerie.  However, what I did in this is take into consideration several factors such as brand recognition, contribution to the world of watchmaking, price and innovation.

Of course this is all subjective, but I did my best to level the playing field. Brands are ranked to a category. In addition, they’re also ranked within in the same category. For example, Rolex and Omega are both on ‘high’, but Rolex is ranked higher in that same category.

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Updated: December 12, 2021

I’ve noticed that people are commenting on why certain brands are on the same level. I just added the note above in line with the graphics to resolve that confusion.

Old list can be found here.