Delugs Watch Strap Review

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Delugs is not unknown in the watch community. Ken, the owner, is a fellow watch collector and often seen posting in watchuseek or instagram. I have reached out to him asking a few questions and eventually decided that I should give his straps a try. You can also read my interview with him in this post.

I ordered his bespoke strap after checking his website out. Compared to other retailers which offers a similar service, he has written a guide on things that can be changed in an order. This is a nice touch as a casual user can use this to help him make his ideal strap

In the end I decided on the Ostrich Nubuck as I was intrigued by the pattern. Some of the changes I did was changing the lining to Epsom and a thicker thread.Delugs Straps Overview


Delugs means deluxe which not only reflects his products but also on his pricing. I opted for an Ostrich Nubuck in navy which costs me USD$135. If it’s a semi bespoke, you’ll be looking at $10 less which some people might prefer if there’s not a lot to change.

Production and shipping times

Production time for bespoke straps can be around 2-3 weeks. Shipping is via FedEx so it should be around a week to most countries and packaged in a small Delugs branded bubble wrap. Strap is shipped from Singapore.

Delugs Straps Padded bag


Packaging is simple yet elegant in the form of a Delugs branded velvet pouch.

Delugs Straps Velvet Pouch


One thing I can say is that the workmanship is very evident.

The straps are saddle stitched where it’s done quite cleanly, straight and evenly. I can’t find any fault in the stitching. What I find interesting though is that there is a faint line which I assume to be guide marks. This is the first strap I’ve owned where it can be seen.

Delugs Straps Back Side

The sides are painted well, sanded quite evenly and no missed areas.

Delugs Straps Sides

The lug holes are by default large enough and should be able to accomodate normal spring bar sizes. You can probably request a larger hole if required as this is a fully bespoke order. The included spring bars are just normal ones so that can easily be swapped.

The buckles are brushed and branded. A step above than your off the shelf buckles. However, you can clearly see some scrubbing on the top of buckle hook. I wouldn’t deduct any points for this as I’ll consider it as manufacturing tolerance and it’s not obvious in the naked eye unless you have a loupe.

Delugs Straps Buckle

The holes are all evenly punched and aligned.

The keepers are thick and well made. The guide marks are also still evident here similar to the straps.

Delugs Straps Keepers

The strap will be a bit stiff when you receive it. This will vary from leather to leather. It’s not a problem as after a few weeks of use, the strap became softer and supple.

Delugs Straps Wrist Shot

Final thoughts

Delugs has made a name as one of the top strap makers in the industry. With near complete control in the bespoke service, buyers can customise the strap to their imagination. They might be a bit expensive and at that price point, the competition is stronger. Nonetheless, it’s still a beautifully crafted and well-made strap overall. I would rank him as 9.5 / 10 and will have no problems recommending him. You can purchase his straps through his website.