Announcement: Rolex service centre in Sydney, Australia is closing down

Last Updated: July 30, 2022Tags:

It’s been discussed that the Rolex service centre in Sydney is closing. Master watchmaker Nicholas Hacko has recently shared the news in his newsletter that the service’s last day is on the 30th of September. This will leave Melbourne as the only Australian service centre. However, two workshops will be open, and it’s operated by J. Farren Price and The Hour Glass. Whether the quality and service will be the same will be another story.

Just a note that Rolex is not going out of business in Australia. The company has decided to consolidate its services into a larger area in Melbourne. Sydney watchmakers were also offered a transfer to Melbourne. This makes sense from a business perspective as the market in Australia is small relative to other countries. Different authorised dealers could consolidate all the watches in a single point in Sydney and bulk ship everything to Melbourne.