Kurono Tokyo announces the Chronograph 2 Shiro

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Hajime Asaoka just announced a new Chronograph 2 today, the Shiro. It’s no surprise that the Chronograph 2 would be the first to make an appearance similar to last year, and there’s no better way to start it.

Like most Kurono Tokyo watches, the watch comes with a story. This colour was supposed to get launched with the black version. However, due to the limited supply in the movements, only the black ones went in public. However, it’s not all the same with the black version.

Chronograph II ‘shiro’ benefits from a more extended prototyping period that has allowed for numerous improvements across the board. From higher definition printing to greater depth of field from thicker lacquer – it is our hope customers will find pleasure in their exploration of the fine details put into the construction of the watch.

The improvements didn’t come out of nowhere. Quoting from Hajime,

In the year since the first prototype I’ve been wearing it myself, figuring out improvements, and then making many new dial samples. As a result, I’m proud to say I have created a dial with a very high degree of perfection and one with absolute balance. Looking back it was good that the delay allowed me to release something exceptionally complete. I am very happy to be able to make this deferred desire a reality.”

It’s safe to say that the Shiro has some definite improvement over the Chronograph 1 and the black Chronograph 2. However, Other than the dial, not much has changed in the movement department. I would recommend checking out my full Chronograph 2 YouTube review for my thoughts on the previous Chronograph 2. Quoting myself about the movement,

The movement is a NE86A which has a 45 hours of power reserve. Initially, this was thought of as a Grand Seiko movement, but it’s just based on a similar base movement. Hajime never mentioned it was ever a Grand Seiko movement, but that doesn’t stop people from assuming it was. Further research showed that this is being made by Time Module Inc (https://www.timemodule.com/en/index.php). Time Module Inc is a brand of Seiko Instruments Inc, whose primary business is offering assembled movements to other brands. It’s a column wheel chronograph movement which is an excellent choice compared to the clutch/cam system. One advantage, for example, is eliminating the “skip” when activating the chronograph function.

Movement Calibre NE86
Case diameter 38mm
Thickness 13.9mm including sapphire
Case 316L high-polished stainless steel case
Dial finish Clear-lacquer, bright-white, heron-white, and red interplay of colors
Power reserve 45 hours
Water resistance 3 ATM

In summary, if you missed out on the previous Chronograph 2 and want one, this is the time to try to buy one. It’s a worthy upgrade with improvements across the board, such as a thicker lacquer and improved multi-layer printing. For those who already has the Chronograph 2, you should consider completing it. if the Chronograph 1 comes with black and white, the Chronograph 2 should come with both as well.

Similar to the non-anniversary model, this is limited, but an exact number hasn’t been released yet other than “a single limited edition run in the hundreds”. 20% will also be reserved for the domestic market and contributors which is standard. For the public sale, the sale will go up for sale as follows:

(JST) Japan: Thursday, February 24 – 11.30pm (*Japanese residents with a valid residential address only)
(GMT) London: Thursday, February 24 – 14:30
(EST) New York: Thursday, February 24 – 09:30am
(GST) Dubai: Thursday, February 24 – 18:30
(AEDT) Sydney: Friday, February 25, 01:30am

The watch is priced at JPY428,000 (US$3,700) excluding tax and shipping, and shipment will start on April 2022. 50% non-refundable preorder deposit applies for global customers.

You can learn more about the watch here.