Tudor Price Increase January 2024

Last Updated: January 2, 2024Tags: ,

The price increase for Tudor happened at the same time as Rolex in Australia. The new pricing below is in AUD only as I haven’t seen the changes in USD. Will update if I see it.

Model Old Price New Price % Increase
Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Blue / Black in Bracelet M79030N-0001 USD$4,000 / AUD$5,730 AUD$5,910 3.14%
Tudor Pelagos 39mm M25407N-0001 in bracelet USD$4,700 / AUD$6,740 AUD$6,940 2.97%
Tudor Pelagos 42mm M25600TN-0001 in bracelet USD$5,025 / AUD$7,190 AUD$7,440 3.48%
Tudor Black Bay Chrono M79360N-0002 white dial in bracelet USD$5,550 / AUD$7,980 AUD$8,210 2.88%
Tudor Royal 41mm Blue M28600-0005 in bracelet USD$2,525 / AUD$3,600 AUD$3,790 5.28%
Tudor Black Bay GMT M79830RB-0001 in bracelet USD$4,375 / AUD$6,280 AUD$6,460 2.87%
Tudor Black Bay 54 M79000N-0001 in bracelet AUD$5,580 AUD$5,760 3.23%