Vacheron Constanstin Price Increase June 2023

Richemont is on the roll and this time it’s from Vacheron Constantin. The price increase is not fixed as the overseas models got the biggest increase. Luxury watches are becoming more luxurious and out of reach for the normal person.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V/110A-B126

Old Price New Price
USD$22,500 / AUD$35,500/ GBP£21,700 USD$25,000 / AUD$41,700 / GBP£24,100


Vacheron Constantin Overseas 7900V/110A-B333

Old Price New Price
USD$27,100 / AUD$42,800 / GBP£26,200 USD$30,900 / AUD$52,000 / GBP£29,800


Vacheron Constantin Fiftysix Complete Calendar 4000E/000A-B439

Old Price New Price
USD$26,400 / AUD$41,700 / GBP£25,500 USD$27,400 / AUD$45,700 / GBP£26,300


Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle 82172/000R-9382

Old Price New Price
USD$21,600 / AUD$34,000 / GBP£20,800 USD$23,700 / AUD$39,500 / GBP£22,800