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Swatch Group Watch Service

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I have noticed that my Blancpain is running out of spec. Since I was going to Melbourne for a holiday, it would be perfect timing to bring it with me to get it fixed under warranty.

Going to the service center wasn’t too difficult. One train ride from the CBD, a few minutes of walk and you arrive at the building of the Swatch Group.

Swatch Group Office Space

Swatch Group Office Space

Swatch Group’s office is not only is a normal office, but also houses the service center. I am unsure if all the service is done from there.

Upon arriving, I was served by the man from the front desk where I explained the problem. I gave my watch, a form and the warranty card. The form is only needed when posting as the watch as you will fill up the spaces explaining the problem. I have written all the problems including the timing for dial up, and crown side up, including any minor problems. What was written on the actual service report was only “Watch is not keeping time. also there is a mark on the dial near 8 o’clock.”.

Once the formal service report is filled-up, they will provide you a printed copy. The Blancpain report comes with all the information about the watch like the current physical condition of the watch and also basic information about it. There’s also a link with the service number and password to track the service.

I dropped the watch on the January 28, 2020. The initial estimate that the service will be finished was February 18, 2020. The date was then revised to March 27, 2020 a few days after the initial estimate. Every service and costs are also itemised to ensure you know how much you’re paying. Since mine is a repair under warranty, it’s $0. You get a final downloadable invoice once the service is finish.

On March 17, I got an SMS message that the service was finished. The default option is for you to pick the watch up, but since I am interstate, I had to email them to let them know I’ll need to get it shipped. It was shipped on the Thursday via Toll with signature and identification and arrived on Friday overnight.

It’s a smooth process overall. From the time I dropped my watch off to the notification of that the service was finished, I didn’t contact them. I know some people can get impatient, but a service of more than a month up to even three months is common in the industry. I have no complaints using them in the future.